Picnic! No I’m not referring to the fun little activity with your friends or family on a sunny afternoon, it’s the name of a place in Wisma Atria, Singapore. It’s hard to describe the place because it isn’t quite a restaurant, or a fast food outlet, it’s more of an upscale food court (think: Marche). It screams hipster instagram vibes, and admittedly, the place does photograph well. So well that I only took pictures of the decor and stalls, rather than the food itself (see: photographs above).

We ordered a total of 4 mains and a side of truffle fries to share. I believe the mains were a sour cream and bacon bits rosti, black pork belly claypot rice, seafood pasta, and a prata taco. I may have gotten some minute details wrong but this is the gist of it. The food was bomb diggity, another reason why we did not take photos was that we were starving and cleared the food pretty fast.

With that said, I would not recommend it, if you are really hungry or have a large appetite, simply because the portions are quite small and pricey. We paid a total of $84 for the above. So if you want to satisfy your cravings, you might have to order more and pay a lot. It’s slightly more expensive than Marche, so if you really want the whole experience of getting food from different stalls, I think it might be better to visit Marche.

On the other hand, I would suggest visiting picnic at least once, because it was a fun gastronomical adventure, and has great ambience. We went there to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and it’s a nice place to treat yourself or others. Also, if you go with a large group of friends who have small to moderate appetites, you can split the costs among more people.

Well, that’s it for this installment of gud fud so I’ll see you in the next one 🙂 Happy eating!


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