Pretty days

Ever since I have owned a phone that had great outdoor picture quality, I’ve really taken to whipping it out whenever I see a gorgeous bunch of plants, trees, clouds- you know the kind, with the light beaming down on Mother Nature to display her in all her glory. Anyway, the aforementioned phone was the Sony Xperia C3; it is great for taking photos outdoors because it captures natural lighting really well (I don’t know the mechanisms of it but I’m grateful for it), but if you zoom into the pictures, you’ll see that they are pixelated and not of high quality. They do look great at first glance though.

Since February, I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017). It had just been released in January so it is a phone that is modern, chic, and most importantly, a great picture-taker. I was really impressed by the picture quality when my sister and I fiddled around with the one on display in the shop. So impressed that I decided to buy it. The 16MP cameras on the front and back supercede the 12/8 MP on the Samsung Galaxy S8. I realise that more megapixels does not necessarily equate to higher quality, but I was surprised by that.

Anyway, I’ve inserted here a few of the photos taken on both phones. Have fun guessing which is which! Tally ho 🙂


A Gap Year

A Gap Year

Starting a gap year post 1 year and 4 months into a gap year is just so typically me (ooh baby baby). And by “typically me”, I mean procrastination. Then again, most people do that too. Anyways, I want to document my thoughts about how the gap year has gone so far, and I guess life in general too. I read somewhere that everyone should keep a blog, whether for commercial or personal purposes, whatever the genre. So here I am.

I should probably establish that at this point, I’m in a kinda confused/lost/in-between state. I’ve just finished applying for universities, scholarships- the whole shebang. It’s got me thinking a lot about the future and where I’m going to go from here. Coupled with my natural anxiety and the aforementioned nebulous psyche, I think elucidating my fragmented thoughts can only help to frame a better picture, even if it is as yet still tenuous.

This is an introductory post. I will follow up with posts detailing the shenanigans I’ve been up to, why I took a gap year, what I’m doing now, and possibly my plans for university.

Welp. I guess I’ll be back tomorrow. Tally ho!

(I’ll probably regret saying that           ^)