Kuala Lumpur: a real treat

KL is a bittersweet memory.

It was the second post-IB trip that I took, this time with the group of friends that I was originally supposed to go to Bali with. 19 days after I had arrived back in Singapore, I was off to Woodlands checkpoint, where we crossed the causeway to Johor Bahru to board an overnight train to KL. It was a real treat for me because it had all the excitement and wanderlust of a road trip, and it was the first time I had really gotten to travel on an old diesel train across the country, through the night. I mean, I did take the MRT from Serangoon to Boon lay once, but it honestly does not compare. I was so excited that I stayed up the whole ride there, whilst all my friends drifted in and out of sleep to the rickety chugging of the carriage. I sat beside a family of 4 seated on 3 seats: 2 parents juggling 2 kids. Throughout the night, they took turns handling their children; at times the father would clack away on his laptop, figuring out some code or program or investment while the mother grabbed whatever rest she could with 2 kids laying against her, at others they each held a kid and tried to feed and change them (I did catch an eyeful at one point). Meanwhile, I was sitting there watching Friends, with only myself to care for. Boy did I feel lucky. But I also appreciated the support that was evident in the little family beside me.

Once we reached KL station, we rushed to McDonalds to get some grub since we had barely eaten all night. We were all pretty smashed since sleep eluded most of us. But once we were done, we hopped on an intra-city train to University station where Capri by Fraser was located. From the station, there was a 10 minute hike in the afternoon sun with our luggage to our hotel apartment. We had to wait awhile before the room was ready because we had arrived before check-in time, so we wandered up to the rooftop and hobo-ed there.

The apartment was amazing- 3 rooms, 2 toilets, a living room area, a dining room area, and a kitchen. All the rooms had TVs in them. One room was a master with an ensuite, the other was roughly the same size with a toilet right outside the room, and the last room was more suited for a single sleeper. The apartment was clean and had a modern design, with a nice view. Our stay also came with complimentary breakfast, gym, pool, game room and bar amenities. I highly recommend it. (Oh also, because we were a group of 7, 2 people stayed in a separate, smaller hotel room which had the typical hotel room layout)

The trip consisted of pretty much shopping and eating. I don’t think that I have ever shopped as hard as I did during that trip. Although, in my defense, the SGD to MYR exchange rate was hella good, and it was post-exams so. The first night, we spent so long in the mall that we ended up taking one of the last trains back. We were so delirious that while waiting for the train, we sat down on the train platform because we couldn’t stand anymore. I don’t regret it- it was hilarious running around trying to find the best bargains, exhausting, but hilarious. While waiting for a cab on the second day, we bumped into a batchmate who happened to be staying at the same hotel that we were. We later found that she was staying in the apartment right across from ours 😀 She even bought us some drinks, bless her. Later at night, we went up to the pool. The water was freezing, but it was fun to play “chicken” (I’m not sure if it’s called the same thing everywhere, but it’s the game where one person sits on another’s shoulders and battles another pair to push the top person off). We also went to the jacuzzi and the bar, where I was once again confronted with my low alcohol tolerance; I can’t finish a mojito. It’s ok, I’m working on bringing it up.

One of my regrets was that we didn’t get to eat more local food while we were there. Sure, there’s not much food in KL that we can’t get in SG, but the style of the same dish varies between locations. That was actually a source of strain during the trip since the main aim of our trip wasn’t made clear to everybody. But that’s something to learn from! I think it’s best to travel with people who have similar travel styles and want the same things out of a trip as you do, or be willing to compromise.

We took a coach back to SG. It was actually more comfortable than the train, and better for sleeping. I also caught How to lose a guy in 10 days– a chick-flick, but it was one of the better ones.

KL was a great time. But it is bittersweet because it was the last time that we truly gathered and spent quality time together. We still meet up, but the moments are now fewer and far between because of university and the army. We’re planning another trip though, so here’s looking forward to that!


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